Beth Haddock is a governance and Compliance attorney with twenty years’ experience and CEO and founder of Warburton Advisers, a boutique consulting firm that offers governance and compliance solutions to FinTech, investment firms, non-profits, and other organizations. Beth offers consulting, coaching and RegTech services through Warburton Advisers and is an accomplished speaker on the topics of compliance and governance.


Beth has experience developing global Compliance programs as the chief compliance officer at Guggenheim Investments and Brown Brothers Harriman. She combines her technical background and her business acumen to help her coaching clients achieve their goals.

In addition to providing training and career development advice to compliance officers and support to chief compliance officers, Beth works with coaching clients on strategies, project management and implementation to:

  • Brief and manage new requirements
  • Increase engagement
  • Measure and mitigate risks
  • Minimize bureaucracy
  • Improve soft skills
  • Manage conflicts ...and more
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Through building sustainable governance programs, Warburton Advisers helps its clients increase productivity, create a competitive advantage, and facilitate investor and customer trust.

Consulting services offered at Warburton Advisers include:

  • Mock audits and program support
  • Governance advice, policies, and regulatory filings
  • Board and strategic initiatives support
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Beth works with companies in the emerging fields of regulatory technology (RegTech) and financial technology (FinTech) and can help organizations with:

  • Compliance testing
  • Surveillance
  • Training and Engagement
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For Consulting, Coaching, or RegTech Training Services


Beth Haddock is a knowledgeable and trusted speaker on the topics of Compliance and governance. Fill out the form below to request Beth to speak at your next conference, seminar, or workshop.

Beth Haddock Speaking with panel
Beth Haddock Speaking with panel

Topics Beth speaks on include:

  • How to Produce an ROI on Compliance
  • How to Deliver Triple Bottom-Line Compliance™ – Protection, Productivity and Impact
  • How to Manage Compliance Officer Conflicts – Duties to Employer and Regulator
  • How to Deliver Value-Add Compliance
  • How to Incentivize Responsible Behavior & Employee Reporting

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