Compliance as a Competitive Advantage

Beth Haddock, CEO and founder of Warburton Advisers, provides governance and Compliance solutions using a counter-intuitive, positive approach to change the conversation about Compliance. Beth can help you transform Compliance from a cost center to a competitive advantage, delivering ROI and helping the organization realize its full value.

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Making a Bigger Impact Through Compliance and Sustainability

With an increasing demand for sustainability, responsible corporate behavior and smart technology, bare compliance is not enough; it takes more for organizations to survive – and succeed – in today’s world. With over 20 years experience as a practicing attorney and chief compliance officer at global organizations, Beth has seen first-hand how organizations can win when Compliance is a valuable resource delivering a Triple Bottom-Line of protection, productivity and impact.

It’s Time to Change the Conversation About Compliance

In her book, Triple Bottom-Line Compliance - How to Deliver Protection, Productivity and Impact, Beth addresses why compliance officers in the trenches need not only technical expertise but also a business system, changing the conversation about Compliance and presenting a system of how to deliver sustainable governance instead of bare compliance.

In Triple Bottom-Line Compliance, you’ll learn how sustainable governance can produce a better return on investment (ROI) for Compliance resources and increase brand protection, risk mitigation, productivity, and employee engagement.

Let’s change the impact of Compliance from technical fundamentals to a competitive advantage—one compliance officer at a time.

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Triple Bottom-Line Compliance™ Training

A new type of continuing education that offers a positive, fresh perspective covering regulatory risks & helping organizations realize their full value.